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Innovative and Creative ideas flourish and teams bond better in an unstructured environment without boundaries. Get a “Group of people” together in a situation where they have to depend on each other and group dynamics change and you have a “Team”. Our strength lies in creating such engaging environments.

A few days on the road and under the stars will help people understand each other better and work wonders when they are back in the confines of their offices in the corporate world, with renewed energy and fresh perspective on life and work.


Our custom made programs are a heady cocktail of highly qualified Learning and Development professionals and adrenaline pumping 4x4 Self Drive Off Road adventures, topped up with a whole bunch of exciting activities.... both On the road and Off it.


Our stays are a combination of “Mobile Luxury Camping on the Go” or Boutique Homestays and Resorts in exotic locales, most of which are only accessible through offbeat trails. Our gourmet experiences are a unique blend of local cuisine from the homely kitchens of the local village folk to international fare from our Luxury Hideaways.


Insurance, Support Vehicles, High End Medical Care, Vehicles equipped with Two Way Radios and GPS navigation system, are all part of our support system.

Please Contact Us with your “Key Message” or give us the task of strengthening the interpersonal relationships of your team, and our learning and development professionals will take over

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